How Uppwise can help you in supporting remote working

How Uppwise can help you in supporting remote working

The shift from an office-based culture to remote working that has characterized companies in the last few years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, has been a huge challenge in many aspects. Both managers’ and employees’ experiences have been deeply affected, while a new set of issues and problems have arisen.


The difficulty in managing a remote crew and the challenges of digitally connecting people who are geographically separated have forced many organizations to rethink their processes and methods of working. Innovative approaches have come into place and in this new era, online project management solutions have made their way. These tools have become every project manager’s best alley.


As a matter of fact, a collaborative work management platform like Uppwise CWM can help business users organize and schedule their work in the most efficient way possible. Built on task-driven workspaces, the platform aims at overcoming problems caused by the disconnection of contents while optimizing daily work and adapting it to the new necessities. Nowadays, the right toolkit can make a difference in the success of your team, even more in the case of a remote crew.


But how can Uppwise CWM actually help your team with remote working?


Let’s see the benefits in depth:


  • Centralization of info

Uppwise CMW consists of customizable digital workspaces where teams and individuals can find everything they need to plan, carry out, and organize their work. It provides unique visibility into the entire work process, letting team members easily access information from everywhere. This helps keeping  everyone on the same page and prevents information to get lost. Forget about tons of emails and spreadsheets, with Uppwise CWM everything is exactly where you need it.


  • Better communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration are the pillars of every team’s success, where collaboration consists of team members putting together their individual work to contribute to value creation. When physical distance is added, the teams find themselves facing new challenges that might ruin the group’s synergy and efficient collaboration. Uppwise CWM acts as the glue connecting remote teams and aligning them around the company’s shared objectives. Communication gets smoother and team members can collaborate as if there was no physical distance.


  • Easier strategy implementation

Uppwise provides great transparency on information performance and progresses, offering a complete suite of agile capabilities that assist your team in every step of the plan. Agile capabilities such as stories, sprint management, retrospectives and other scrum ceremonies contribute to smoothing the entire process, including reporting and feedback which will become much faster. This improves decision-making thanks to an agile approach based on strong relationships and remote collaboration, that streamline workflows and promotes a more agile approach. Agile teams will benefit by delivering better outcomes faster than ever,


  • Efficient resource management

Both the processes of allocation o resources and the monitoring of progresses can be quite hard when a remote crew is involved. Instruments such as Uppwise CWM can facilitate the process in many aspects. First of all through the Uppwise platform you can have an instant overview of work scheduling and resources workload into a single comprehensive page, check team members’ availability and assign work to the right person

Moreover, thanks to its real-time reporting Uppwise helps you keep track of  the deadlines of each project, prioritizing the tasks you are more interested and keeping tabs on everyone’s workload. In a few words, Uppwise can give you an immediate understanding of the status of work.

While more and more organizations are adopting remote working tools, managers and employees have started to come to terms with the reality: implementing a remote work strategy is not as simple as embracing it.

Instruments such as Uppwise CWM are created to simplify project managers’ jobs in this process, by facilitating collaboration within teams for what concerns everyday work activities and helping the creation of strong synergies and collaboration within the members, even when geographically dislocated.

Anyways, these are only a few of the functionalities offered by Uppwise’s products. If you found this article interesting and would like to have a more in-depth look at remote working best practices and other topics, please reach out at any time! We would be happy to guide and support you in your search for better, more tailored solutions.