Accelerate the journey



Leverage a proven pattern to quickly implement Uppwise and maximize the value of our solutions for your Company success.

We want you to succeed because your success will be our success. With this in mind we have created  WisePath, a standard delivery framework designed to accelerate  the implementation and adoption of Uppwise in any organization.


WisePath goal-based approach will help you to reach tangible results in few weeks and at a fixed price.

How WisePath works

for a pre-configured onboarding

When starting your journey with Uppwise, you will be assigned a “Customer Onboarding Specialist”.


The role of  “Customer Onboarding Specialists”  is twofold: as a strategic advisor and an initiative manager.


As a strategic advisor, they are specialized in Uppwise tools capabilities and best practices and will provide guidance on how Uppwise can be configured to get the maximum value out of it based on your business context and goals.

As an initiative manager, they manage the team engaged for your onboarding by assigning and prioritizing tasks based on the deadlines given by the identified goals.


They want to see you succeed. So, they will work closely to you, will serve as your main point of contact at Uppwise for the duration of the onboarding and will assist you with any strategic questions that might be preventing you from reaching expected objectives.


Uppwise experts will design an onboarding plan for you based on:


  • Your highest priority goals with Uppwise
  • The size, the complexity and SPM maturity/readiness of your organization
  • The Uppwise products you purchased
  • Your current technology stack, and how it integrates with Uppwise


The WisePath framework is organised in four stages as presented in the image below:

Road Mapping

Onboarding Workshop
Solution Envisioning
Onboarding Road-Map
Road-Map Readiness Check
Configuration Backlog


Configuration Planning

Configuration Implementation Based on Envisioned Solution


Preparation to Deploy

Knowledge Transfer



Post Go-Live Fine Tuning

Onboarding Success Actions

Dedicated Support Package

Need a

Tailored onboarding

Uppwise has a team of experts dedicated to SPM Platform implementation with a strong knowledge gained serving our clients on a global scale.


Working with us, you will benefit of:


  • A Project Manager who serves as a main point of contact at Uppwise
  • A team of highly skilled professionals that built their functional and technical experience working on similar context at other clients
  • Access to industry best practices and tools to be leveraged in order to speed up the time to market.


They will guide you through your implementation journey from initial design and mapping of your processes, configuration, and validation of your solution to the personalized deployment plan.


We apply Agile principles to focus on engaging your users to optimize the solution to their needs.


Furthermore, as our solution is highly adaptive, so do our Project Managers practice the Adaptive Leadership approach, anticipating for change during the project.


When you complete your onboarding with Uppwise, you’ll be confident using Uppwise to reach your goals.

How we grant

Customer Happiness

The onboarding period will end with the completion of your final goal project.


This will also mean that your Customer Onboarding Specialist or your Project Manager will no longer be your main point of contact at Uppwise. Because of this, your Customer Onboarding Specialist will work to introduce you to your long-term point of contact at Uppwise: The Customer Happiness Manger.


The Customer Happiness Managers’ goal is to ensure that you keep receiving value with Uppwise.


They proactively schedule quarterly strategic calls geared towards expanding the foundation you built during onboarding and can assist with account and contract questions.


At Uppwise we also have developed a Customer Happiness program. As part of this program, our Clients can leverage on our standard training and support materials as well as on tailored contents that could be developed within the context of the deployment project.


The training approach is fully configurable based on Customer preferences, including train-the-trainer or self-training options. After the go-live of the solution our Clients can count on Hypercare services which include different levels of support.


And when the Hypercare period ends? You will never be left alone: our support team is available 24/7 to help you on tool setup and technical troubleshooting and your Customer Happiness Manager is there whenever you need.