• Analyse strategy and

Uppwise SEM solution helps executives to easily access relevant information into a single and consistent workspace where strategic intents can be constantly monitored combined with execution outcomes and performances.


A holistic view and a unique source of truth with powerful real-time visibility based on the perfect integration between strategic elements and actionable items assigned to execution teams.

Analyze-Strategy-and-Execution-Outcomes - Strategy Execution Management PPM
Map-the-contextual-Dependencies-and-Risks - Strategy Execution Management PPM
  • Map the contextual

Identify and map upfront dependencies, risks or any other constraint impacting your strategy realization and value creation.


Mitigate resources capacity constraints by optimizing portfolios composition with the help of advanced what-if and scenario management capabilities.

  • Measure value realization

Leverage a clear and easy-to-use set of features to track value realization and measure how well or not so well a single initiative, a portfolio of initiatives or a program is generating benefits.


Summarized views at strategy level allow a comprehensive analysis of performance data among underlying portfolios and their key elements along strategic themes, key goals, objectives and value streams.


Configurable performance metrics, key performance indicators can be used to report the progress of strategy results both for planned and in-flight initiatives.

Measure-value-realization - Strategy Execution Management PPM
Align-individuals-to-specific-strategic-goals - Strategy Execution Management PPM
  • Align individuals to

By supporting the OKR framework, Uppwise SEM solutions align team around objectives and key results (OKRs).
Uppwise OKR module is the glue to connect remote teams to get aligned around common objectives and remain constantly aligned to Portfolio Goals and Strategic Pillars.

  • Uppwise analytical dashboards

Uppwise SEM solution offers configurable dashboards which allows dynamic and attractive visualization of key relationships managed, allowing an easy interpretation by executives. For those who need more than just reports, Uppwise SEM solution offers a graphical, visual representations of findings and insights performance metrics, key performance indicators, or objectives and key results that report the progress of strategy results.

Uppwise-analytical-dashboards - Strategy Execution Management PPM
  • Integrations:

To maximize the contribution from your execution teams you need to be open and flexible to accept outcomes of work happening in multiple contexts using different tools. Uppwise SPM can be the glue to connect different solutions into a single comprehensive and consisting environment seamlessly connected to your vision.


Our standard integration framework includes components to connect tools and platforms for Adaptive Project Management & Reporting, Collaborative Work Management, DevOps, ITSM, Content Management, ERP, Web Meetings.

A complete approach to Strategic Execution Management


At Uppwise, we recognize that a well-defined strategy is only as good as its execution. To help organizations bridge the gap between strategy formulation and successful implementation, we have developed our Strategy Execution Management (SEM) platform. This powerful and comprehensive solution is designed to streamline your strategic execution process, ensuring that your organization’s vision becomes a reality.


Our strategic execution management software is built on the latest technology and industry best practices, providing a robust and user-friendly solution that simplifies the complex process of strategy execution. With our SEM platform, you can easily align your organization’s resources and efforts with your strategic objectives, ensuring that every project, task, and decision contributes to your overall vision.


Uppwise’s SEM platform has the ability to enhance communication and collaboration across your organization. With our strategic execution manager, you can break down silos and foster a culture of transparency and teamwork. This increased alignment and engagement not only drive efficiency and effectiveness but also promote a sense of ownership and accountability among your team members.


Another benefit of our SEM platform is the seamless integration with other tools and applications, providing a holistic solution for your strategic execution management needs. Our strategic execution management software connects every aspect of your strategy execution process, from goal-setting and resource allocation to project management and performance tracking. This comprehensive approach ensures that your team has access to the information and resources they need to succeed, while also reducing the risk of errors and miscommunications that can arise from disjointed systems.


Our strategic execution manager also features powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling you to monitor and optimize your strategy execution process in real-time. With customizable dashboards and real-time reporting, you can easily track your progress and identify potential issues before they become critical. This proactive approach to strategic execution management helps to mitigate risks and ensures that your organization stays on track to achieve its strategic objectives.


Uppwise’s Strategy Execution Management (SEM) platform offers a powerful and comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to optimize their strategic execution process. With our strategic execution management software, you can streamline your strategy execution, improve communication and collaboration, and drive better results for your organization. Our integrated and user-friendly strategic execution manager ensures that your team has the tools and resources they need to successfully implement your organization’s vision.