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Capacity planning

Collect Idea and Incoming Demand - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Project and work

Leverage on configurable forms and role-based workflows to automate the intake flow and capture ideas, work demand and project requests.


Demand can be linked to portfolio scenarios where initiatives are prioritized (based on configurable scoring models), validated and promoted for execution.

Demand intake



Execution management

Resource Capacity Planning - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Resource capacity

With Uppwise APM, resources can be profiled by role, skill and many other attributes. You will be able to slice & dice demand and capacity and easily identify what future skills are needed.


Resource’s information across multiple workstreams and projects can be forecasted to build the big picture where present and future capacity in terms of a range of features (roles, skills etc.) can be analysed to identify upfront resource shortages and bottlenecks.

Capacity intake



Resource management

Detailed Project and Work and Planning Management - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Detailed project and work

With Uppwise APM  you can leverage on adaptive and flexible features to plan and manage the execution of work and projects choosing the most appropriate approach among waterfall, hybrid or agile. Using role-based and configurable workspaces, you will be able to detail work and projects at the level of detail you need based on complexity or simply on the organization level of maturity.

Execution management



Task kanban

Resource Assignment and Allocation - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Resource assigment

Uppwise APM is delivered with a powerful resource management engine designed to make the resource assignment and allocation process easy and reliable.


Projects, workstreams and tasks can be staffed by creating role-based or named resources assignments which are instantly validated trough workload analysis across the portfolio.


Resource manager role is fully supported by a set of smart features which help keeping under control the present and future capacity of its resources.

Resource Management



Time tracking

Task Management and Kanban Board - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Task management

Use a single platform to plan and monitor the status of both traditional and collaborative projects and workstreams.


With Uppwise APM  you can identify, plan and prioritize projects which are then distributed to the functional teams to execute and manage their work using Uppwise collaborative workspace.


Tasks can be managed visually through flexible and simple Kanban Boards.

Task Kanban



Risk Management

Time and Status Reporting - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Time and status

Uppwise APM delivers a Time-Tracking module which helps organizations to simplify the time-reporting process while granting consistency with company workflows, policies and rules.


Focusing on actual time spent you will be able to improve your forecasting capabilities and, ultimately, use actual info as a driver for a more reliable capacity planning and actual costs calculation.

Time tracking




Project and Work Risk Management - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Project and work

Uppwise APM centralizes all project and work risk information through an easy-to-use, web-based interface, helping to reduce information inconsistency and improve decision-making.


Uppwise supports both risks and opportunities management at strategy, portfolio, program and project level.

Risk management


Team Collaboration - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Team

Uppwise supports team workstreams and enables the creation of persistent workspaces where team members can integrate tasks, messages, alerts, and more.


They can identify and prioritize new tasks within assigned workstreams, share and update project documents by using Uppwise repository or third-party content management solutions. Chat (including group chat), on-line meetings are also supported in combination with third party solutions.

  • Decision support –

Uppwise APM embeds a powerful-user configurable role-based Bi & Analytics module where all the information is presented into integrated views to help stakeholders and team members with accurate insides.


The dashboarding and analytics module has been designed to maximize performance and is based on a reporting data mart where live workstreams and projects data are published according to configurable intervals.

Decision Support Business Intelligence Analytics - Adaptive Project Management PPM
  • Integrations:

To maximize the contribution from your execution teams you need to be open and flexible to accept outcomes of work happening in multiple contexts using different tools.

Uppwise APM can be the glue to connect different solutions into a single comprehensive and consistent environment seamlessly connected to your vision.


Our standard integration framework includes components to connect tools and platforms for Adaptive Project Management & ReportingCollaborative Work ManagementDevOpsITSMContent ManagementERPWeb Meetings.

Uppwise’s Adaptive Project Manager gives you complete control


At Uppwise, we understand that the world of project management is constantly evolving, and organizations need to adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we developed our Adaptive Project Management (APM) platform, a groundbreaking solution that combines the power of EPPM project management with the flexibility and adaptability required for today’s fast-paced business environment.


Our Adaptive Project Manager is built on the principles of the adaptive project framework, an innovative approach that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By leveraging this framework, our APM platform enables your organization to respond quickly to changing circumstances, ensuring that your projects stay on track and deliver the intended results.


With Uppwise’s APM you will get seamless integration of all aspects of your project management processes. Our adaptive project manager software is designed to connect every element of your projects, from planning and resource allocation to execution and monitoring. This comprehensive approach enables you to maintain a clear and accurate overview of your project portfolio, ensuring that your team is always working towards your strategic objectives.


Our EPPM project management platform will give you the ability to adapt and adjust to changing requirements and priorities. With our adaptive project manager, you can quickly and easily reassess your project plan, making data-driven decisions that optimize your project’s performance and maximize return on investment. This agility is particularly valuable in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, where organizations must be able to pivot and adapt in order to stay competitive.


Our adaptive project manager software is also designed to support collaboration and communication across your organization. By breaking down silos and fostering a culture of teamwork and transparency, our APM platform promotes a more efficient and effective approach to project management. This, in turn, leads to better project outcomes and a higher level of stakeholder satisfaction.


In addition, our adaptive project manager and reporting capabilities ensure that you have access to the latest and most accurate information on your project’s progress. With robust dashboards, real-time reporting, and customizable metrics, you can easily track your project’s performance and make informed decisions based on up-to-date data.


With our EPPM project management capabilities, adaptive project manager software, and adaptive project framework, you can streamline your project management processes, improve collaboration and communication, and ensure that your projects deliver maximum value. Our adaptive project manager and reporting tools provide you with the insights and data needed to make informed decisions and drive successful project outcomes. Choose Uppwise’s APM platform and experience the difference a truly adaptive project management solution can make for your organization.