• Implement

Uppwise EAP solution supports the creation of enterprise strategies by defining and mapping those elements which really matter into your journey to value creation.


Strategic themes are supported by agile portfolios to handle top-down funding and bottom-up updates on strategy execution performances. All portfolio items are connected to strategy elements such as themes, key goals an value stream to connect the enterprise vision to agile execution teams.

Implement Company Strategies - Enterprise Agile Planning PPM
agile portfolio management - Enterprise Agile Planning PPM
  • Agile

Uppwise AEP solution enables the creation of agile or hybrid portfolios (and sub-portfolios scenarios) connected to value streams and other strategy elements with great benefits for the strategy-to-execution flow. In-flight initiatives and new demands can be prioritized and re-prioritized based on an objective scoring model providing the ability to prioritize those items which can accelerate the value creation chain and reach the strategic goals you have defined. Management of lean portfolios workflows are fully supported by Kanban boards.

  • Product

Uppwise EAP is the ideal solution for product road-mapping and provides features to plan epics and features for new products developments or existing products continuous improvement.


With Uppwise EAP roadmaps you can stay updated with product development works spread across multiple teams into a comprehensive portfolio workspace. Product initiatives can be objectively ranked based on your strategic vision, prioritized and re-prioritized based on financial or resource capacity constraints.

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Backlog-management - Enterprise Agile Planning PPM
  • Backlog

Uppwise EAP solution supports the management of backlog through the definition of an ordered list of work which can be prioritized based on an objective scoring model.


Backlog can be organized in nested items such as themes, epics, stories and features.


Backlog items can be easily ordered and reordered to keep into account priorities change, new stories or stories re-added to the backlog because not completed into a sprint.

  • Fully support

With Uppwise EAP solution your scrum teams can work on iterative and incremental value, at the maximum speed, with all the flexibility of our customizable scrum boards.


Epics, stories, backlogs, sprint management, retrospectives and other scrum ceremonies and artifacts will help your agile teams to provide better results, faster than ever before.

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  • Kanban boards

Uppwise Kanban solution helps to improve visualization, prioritization, and management of work at different levels from portfolios, programs, epics, stories and tasks.


Configurable Kanban boards provide an immediate understanding of the status of displayed items and rapidly see priorities, status, who is working on what and at what stage items are in the workflow. With Uppwise you can organize board columns according to different criteria to visualize items the way you need and manage them interactively with a simple drag.

  • SAFe

SAFe is the widely used framework for managing agile development at scale. Uppwise AEP solution is designed to offer a support for those enterprises willing to implement SAFe from strategy to execution. With Uppwise AEP solution you can easily setup the SAFe configuration you want to implement from Essential SAFe to Portfolio and Full SAFe.


Uppwise AEP is the ideal solution for Lean Portfolio Managers to prioritize Epics, Features and Stories and continuously monitor the value creation chain within the constraints of Lean Budget Guardrails.

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Uppwise-EAP-Analytical - Enterprise Agile Planning PPM
  • Uppwise AEP

Uppwise offers configurable dashboards which allows dynamic and attractive visualization of key relationships managed, allowing an easy interpretation by all the stakeholder involved in agile enterprise processes. For Portfolio Managers, Product Owners, Epic Owners, Scrum Masters, Team Members who need more than just reports, Uppwise AEP solution offers a graphical, visual representations of findings and insights.

  • Integrations:

To maximize the contribution from your execution teams you need to be open and flexible to accept outcomes of work happening in multiple contexts using different tools. Uppwise SPM can be the glue to connect different solutions into a single comprehensive and consisting environment seamlessly connected to your vision.


Our standard integration framework includes components to connect tools and platforms for Adaptive Project Management & Reporting, Collaborative Work Management, DevOps, ITSM, Content Management, ERP, Web Meetings.