• Manage multiple

With Uppwise EPPM solution EPMO’s can create and manage multiple enterprise portfolios which could be integrated or interdependent.


Portfolios are essential components of the strategy governance structure to grant a seamless flow of information top to bottom and the other way around so that EPMO’s can view how each portfolio item is performing.

EPPM-1-Manage-Multiple-Enterprise - Enterprise Portfolio Program Management
Manage-Demand - Enterprise Portfolio Program Management
  • Manage

Leverage Uppwise EPPM solution to enable the management of incoming demand for initiatives tied to enterprise strategies. Use advanced workflow capabilities to model the intake routing around your demand process.


Leverage what-if features to enable decision makers modeling alternative scenarios, re-defining strategic priorities and applying outcomes to the execution initiatives.

  • Adaptive program

Run adaptive program management to create programs that can be managed as separate entities, but related to any corresponding individual projects, products and/or elements in other portfolios.


With Uppwise EPPM technology, EPPMO’s can review and manage programs of work and monitor mapped initiatives and related dependencies, risks and resources constraints.

Adaptive-Program-Management - Enterprise Portfolio Program Management
Resource-Capacity - Enterprise Portfolio Program Management
  • Resource

Aggregate resources demand by roles, skill, department and compare against availability thresholds to calculate the estimated capacity within a single portfolio or across multiple portfolios.


Use advanced capacity planning capabilities to dynamically drive the planning, the prioritization and the re-prioritization of portfolios initiatives at any level of detail and enable to forecast in advance resource shortages and bottlenecks.

  • Uppwise analytical

Uppwise EPPM solution offers configurable dashboards which allows dynamic and attractive visualization of key relationships managed, allowing an easy interpretation by executives. For those EPMO’s who need more than just reports, Uppwise EPPM solution offers a graphical, visual representations of findings and insights on portfolios, programs and associated initiatives performances.

Analytical-Dashboards - Enterprise Portfolio Program Management
  • Integrations:

To maximize the contribution from your execution teams you need to be open and flexible to accept outcomes of work happening in multiple contexts using different tools. Uppwise SPM can be the glue to connect different solutions into a single comprehensive and consisting environment seamlessly connected to your vision.


Our standard integration framework includes components to connect tools and platforms for Adaptive Project Management & Reporting, Collaborative Work Management, DevOps, ITSM, Content Management, ERP, Web Meetings.