agility and culture change

Agility & Culture Change

Uppwise Enables Business Agility Driving Digital Transformation



For most companies nowadays, business agility and digital transformation are at the center of debate. As a consequence, it has become essential for managers to identify and adopt new solutions that introduce cultures of change within decision-making processes.

In this article, we will highlight the key solutions Uppwise provides corresponding to new guidelines issued by Gartner in relation to Strategy & Portfolio Management (SPM) methodologies. Simultaneously, in this article we will work toward an understanding of how to implement an agile philosophy that makes business processes more effective and how you can use Uppwise to develop and facilitate these business processes.



The new guidelines suggested by Gartner are as follows:



  • Align your key business objectives to the execution of your digital investments.
  • Use strategic portfolio management methodologies to adopt strong decision-making processes aimed at creating value for end customers.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility built into your strategic portfolios to adapt priorities based on your continously changing business needs and requirements.


The term “business agility” refers to a philosophy based on flexibility, speed, and delivery of value to the end customer. Speed of adaptation and flexibility of process management is essential in the promotion of change in corporate cultures, enabling new methodologies to be embraced while requiring tools that make business processes simplified and in step with the times. We can therefore define business agility as a philosophy that enables rapid achievement of effective response to customer needs combined with the continuous search for a competitive position within reference markets and the reduction in company costs, while maintaining a high level of product quality.

Within this context, Uppwise’s Strategy & Portfolio Management (SPM) solutions place multiple benefits at your disposal to facilitate and simplify project management strategies. Uppwise SPM combines in a single platform different tools that allow you to create, formalize, and manage strategies to manage projects in an agile and effective manner.



In particular, Uppwise SPM enables you to achieve the following.




  1. Map strategies to objectives and key results. Uppwise provides a dedicated strategy module supporting the creation of business strategies that place the focus on your enterprise-wide objectives and key results that you have identified to provide value to you and your customers.
  2. Prioritize projects. Once it has enabled you to quickly and easily set up portfolios, Uppwise connects them to your chosen business strategies, combining the importance of your portfolios with their priority, optimizing for those projects that bring your company greatest value
  3. Develop an agile corporate culture. Through the use of tools provided by Uppwise out of the box, you can spread awareness of new methodologies, increasing product value for your customers.
  4. Encourage remote worker collaboration. By improving and optimizing project management, Uppwise also enables a more collaborative relationship between remote workers placing at their disposal guidelines for their projects that increase efficiency, reducing waste of time and resources.



If you would like expert support to speed up and modernize your business processes, our team is ready for you to listen to your needs and guide you towards specific solutions most in line with your requirements.