Implementing Adaptive Project and Portfolio Management within a Hybrid environment

20th April 2022 – from 10:00 to 11:00 CET

Companies increasingly oriented towards Adaptive way of working

How to implement this across Agile and other execution methodologies?


Join the webinar to see how you can blend Agile and other methodologies by using Uppwise as a single solution for all your Adaptive Project and Portfolio Management.

  • Agenda

10:00 – Welcome & Introduction – Complexity of Decisions Is Increasing
10:05 – Enable the Future of Work: rethinking of every organization’s workplace strategy
10:20 – How Uppwise (SPM) drive business outcomes and mitigate change failure
10:55 – Q&A
11:00 – Closing


Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga

Presenter at Uppwise

Hans Van Der Burg

Hans Van Der Burg

Head of Products at Uppwise

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  • Introduction:

Recently there is a strong focus on Adaptive Project Management, providing the ability to adequately respond to frequent changes within projects scope, priorities, and portfolios composition.
Yet, for companies running a mixture of different projects, often this results also in a hybrid environment of Agile IT projects, and projects running choosing different methodologies.
Imagine the ability to manage all of this in 1 solution where, APM processes can be tailored exactly according to your needs.
Do you want to see how you can leverage on a single overview your projects including capacity management, cost and benefit management, risks, and specific agile capabilities such as Feature and Program Increment management?


Join the webinar discover how Uppwise enable Adaptive Project and Portfolio Management in your Organization.

  • Topic of this event:

  • Collecting demand
  • Re-evaluating the Portfolios composition
  • Analysing impacts on the Strategic intents
  • Turn demand into execution
  • Using methodology specific functionality
  • Using Agile and Hybrid Portfolio Management to find the perfect balance between capacity, priority, and strategic objectives
  • Using Agile Portfolio and Program management to report and respond to change