Predicts 2024: Strategic Portfolio Leaders Must Plan for the “Never Normal”

Strategic portfolio leaders need to proactively anticipate future developments while remaining adaptable to the persistent disruption’s characteristic of an ever-changing landscape, also referred to as the “never normal.” Incorporate these foresights and the associated guidance from Gartner® into your strategic plans for 2024 to ensure they are current and responsive to the dynamic business environment.

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    • Why Should You Read the Report?

    According to Gartner:

    • AI is evolving everything, including strategic portfolio management (SPM). AI will drive greater efficiency in and change to the SPM discipline, but it will also impact SPM roles and organization structures.
    • Most organizations have a mix of agile and waterfall approaches, and struggle to bring cohesion to their investment portfolio. Strategic Portfolio Leaders must tailor their governance approach to the context of business outcomes, focusing on applying universal best practices for outcome alignment more than adherence to specific methodologies.
    • Why Uppwise?

    Engineered to ensure seamless alignment from strategy to execution across the entire enterprise, Uppwise is specifically crafted for ongoing adaptability in the face of the inevitable disruptions that define today’s business landscape.

    Our primary objective at Uppwise is to offer an exceptionally modern platform, driving us to maintain an ambitious product roadmap. This roadmap is intricately tailored to address the concerns paramount to our clients, placing a particular emphasis on emerging technologies such as AI. The incorporation of AI into our platform is geared towards delivering substantial benefits to our clients, ranging from enhanced content creation and strategy formulation to advanced predictive analysis. To delve deeper into how Uppwise harnesses the power of AI, we invite you to explore our informative webinar “How Generative AI can Supercharge Your Business Strategy and Project Management”.

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